Wake up & Smell the Profit in Commercial Interior Design

Green Cobalta Smell Profit Commercial Interior Design

There is one thing about evolution that I love, and that is its progressive nature. Development tends to take you to better places. This is what is happening in the commercial interior design sector. Everyone is striving to come up with ways to enhance the sales and profitability of commercial interior design.

Many property owners are looking for an edge for their commercial properties, and they have found many. A lot of the property owners have discovered that capturing an individual’s five senses influences their choice to do business with them or not.

green cobalta masculine scent store commercial interior design

Men’s Store can have a strong Masculine Scent

Scents are Important for Commercial Interior Design

While all the senses are crucial in interior design, the sense of smell ought to have the most significant priority. Scents and aromas have a way of triggering memories and emotions that people get attached to very quickly. This is something that Rosenstock, who is a senior vice president of brand standards for Omni Hotels and Resorts, understands very well. He sees the benefits of sensory branding as guests keep appreciating the freshness of their facilities and resorts at large.

Other than triggering memories and emotions, scents also boost the mood of an individual tremendously.  Some scents will make you feel calm and relaxed, and there are those that intrigue our minds. According to SIRC’s smell report, they state that there is enough evidence to support the fact that pleasant smells enhance a person’s mood. This means that when you use pleasant scents in commercial interior design, a customer is more likely to want to use the space because it triggers a sense of wellness.

Scents can intrigue our minds making one more open to conversations and interactions. Therefore, incorporating a pleasant smell will boost the chances of attracting customers, having a sober discussion with them, and closing deals. For stimulating the mind and stirring up conversations, you can use fragrances that have thyme, marjoram, and pine among others. They are excellent and will get the work done.

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Using Scents for Commercial Interior Design

Another fascinating factor about scents is that they can grow a business or a company. Scents can significantly affect the purchasing behaviors of your target audience.This is a discovery that Eric Spangenberg and his colleagues made. Spangenberg is a consumer psychologist and academic. They discovered that by releasing scents that are feminine – enhanced the sales of women products. The same was the case for men. The reason behind the enhanced sales was the fact that females did not like spending time in places that had masculine smells and vice versa.

There are a lot of benefits in using scents in commercial interior design. Therefore, waste no more time trying to figure out the edge that is the ultimate winner. Different spaces will need a different scent. Lobbies will have different smells from cafes. Casinos will have different scents from nightclubs. A hotel room will have a different scent from a gym facility. Therefore, get your scent right. Once you do, you will open up your business to new potentials. You will give your customers a reason to do business with you.


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