Pediatric Clinic Design Ideas for Happy Visits

green cobalta Pediatric Clinic Design

Infants and toddlers require frequent visits to the pediatrician as their immune system is still developing. They have to visit the pediatrician at least to get their vaccinations on time. However, they are often afraid of doctor visits. It is important for the child to feel comfortable when visiting the pediatrician. Pediatric clinic design should consider child psychology and keep in mind that the visitor needs a pleasant and friendly ambiance. Here we help you in pediatric clinic design that gives a happy feeling for both child and parents.

Pediatric Clinic Design ideas for Different areas at the Clinic

Pediatric Clinic Design – Waiting Room

The area should have television, playing cartoons to keep the children engaged. Adding a small play area with a slider, see-saw, balls, jumping pad, will help and the child will be happy for the next doctor visit. Pediatric Clinic Design should have waiting rooms that reduce stress in patients and their parents. If the space permits – try to have different resting spaces for adolescents and infants. A crying infant can add stress to the adolescent who is waiting for his turn in the same area.

Pediatric Clinic Design – Restroom

Children, especially infants and toddlers tend to use restrooms more frequently than adults. There should be an arrangement for changing diapers, a babycare mat is essential, baby feeding room, etc. The wash basins and mirrors should be constructed considering the height of young children and older children. There should be allocated an area for throwing off the nappy and other personal hygiene items.

Pediatrician’s Room

This is one of the most important sections. The area is to be designed considering the comfort of the doctor, children and their parents. The room has to be equipped with all the necessary devices and apparatus. There should be easily accessible built-in storage areas. This not only reduces stress in the patients, but also adds comfort to the doctor. The examination area should have a comfortable couch on which the child can rest for examination and there can be a cute little ladder to help the child climb up. The pediatrician room should also be equipped with a sink to provide good hygienic services and prevent the spread of infections.

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Pharmacy: There should be a room for storage and dispensing of medicines. It should include built-in refrigerators for drugs and vaccines.

Pathways: There should be clear directions about waiting rooms, restroom and pediatrician rooms. The waiting area and the reception area should be closer to each other to allow easy communication between the staff and the parents. 

Flooring: Patients suffering from different ailments visit doctors and pediatric clinics and it can become a source for transmission of infection.  Surgical areas and sinks seem to be the places where the presence and growth of infectious organisms are possible. Proper control measures should be considered for cleaning of floors and the sinks. Ideally, the surface should be seamless and the selected furnishings should be easy to clean and maintain.  The floors should be made considering a high coefficient of friction to reduce risk of slipping and falling. Vinyl floors are durable and can be easily maintained. The easy cleanliness prevents infection. The staff should be educated about cleaning and the shiny surface does not mean that the surface is clean. 

Pediatric Clinic Design – Colors

It is a good idea to incorporate bright colors as it gives a pleasant feeling. Colors such as pink, blue, red, yellow, and green have positive effects on emotions. Avoid dark colors such as black, grey and brown. 

Colors can also be used to differentiate the waiting area, pediatric rooms, and restroom. Along with colors, adding geometrical shapes or using natural wood as accessories can help in enlightening the place.

Pediatric Clinic Design – Light

There should be a provision for proper light throughout the clinic. The perception of light and color for children and adults will be different. Adequate lighting should be provided. Some clinic opts for themed lighting systems such as Ocean Light Covers, Tree Light Covers, Astronomy Light Covers or other designer light covers as it gives positive distraction.

Pediatric Clinic Design – Noise

Noise is the main culprit which can disrupt baby’s sleep and is the worst nightmare for the parents. The noisy hospital environments make the child uncomfortable resulting in a fussy and crying child, making the examination by the pediatrician difficult. The sounds also make the doctors confused and hospital staff can give incorrect medication dosages.  Sound-absorbent ceilings and wall absorbers are available which can help control the volume. Carpeting is another good option to improve aesthetic appearance and reduce noise. Soothing music in the background adds liveliness to the environment. Acoustic tiles imprinted with children-friendly pictures and photos add to the ambiance.

Other things to take care of


All the people entering the clinic including the staff and the visitors’ touch door handles bed rails, chair arms, taps, and other surfaces. The cleaning staff should be adequately trained to clean each and every corner of the clinic.

Brightness, cartoon characters and healthy habits

Decorating walls with figures of animals to measure height, photos of fruits and healthy habits will be an add-on pleasing the eyes as well as educating children. Try to include some natural elements such as flower pots or other plants. You can also include sceneries on the walls


The interiors of a pediatric clinic play an important role in attracting parents to the clinic which is children-friendly. A fussy child tends to calm down provided the ambiance is peaceful and eye-catching. Whenever you remodel your clinic, consider an “interior design that gives you returns on investment”.  Children will be happy to visit the place thinking of the toys and other play items and parents convinced about the comfort of the waiting room and restrooms!


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