Laboratory Design and Planning

The labs as such sound as some dark lonely place where people are engrossed in their work without any liveliness in the environment. Life in a lab seems to be boring. Designing a lab is not an easy task. You have to consider the workability of the new design and should give the workers the…
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Dental Clinic Architecture and Design

An efficient interior design helps in the easy operational flow of work, ergonomics, infection control, the comfort of the patients and most importantly professional look. The aesthetic appearance of the dental clinic along with the easy flow of people and staff across different sections provide patient satisfactory services. The dental clinic should have clearly defined…
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Boutique Design and Layout to Increase Footfalls

Boutiques are different from the retail shops. Boutiques are usually smaller than retail shops and are privately owned business creations by the designers. Boutiques offer clothes, purses, sandals, shoes, and custom made jewelry.  They involve in distinct designs of clothes and apparels and you will not be able to find the same piece in another…
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General Store Layout Design

Planning a layout for a business store is a big deal. The design should keep customers in mind as they are revenue generators and provide profits to your business. A thoughtfully created layout will help you in getting better returns with immediate effect. Here we guide you in creating a general store layout Store Layout…
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Designing Educational Spaces for Effective Learning

A traditional school will have closely packed classrooms with close seating arrangements making the study a boring experience. In order for the students to be creative, the environment too should be creative and lively. A creative education space can have multipurpose use. It can be used as a classroom, workshop or activity area. Innovation in…
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Furniture Design for Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals are places where you can find the flow of public round the clock catering inpatient and outpatient population. Interior designers and purchase managers are responsible for maintaining the infrastructure. You can find furnishings custom manufactured considering the hospital environment. Whether its furniture for home or hospital, we should look for durable and cost-effective furniture.…
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green cobalta Pediatric Clinic Design

Pediatric Clinic Design Ideas for Happy Visits

Infants and toddlers require frequent visits to the pediatrician as their immune system is still developing. They have to visit the pediatrician at least to get their vaccinations on time. However, they are often afraid of doctor visits. It is important for the child to feel comfortable when visiting the pediatrician. Pediatric clinic design should…
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green cobalta Designs Ideas for Waiting Room in Hospitals and Clinic

Waiting Rooms Design Ideas For Hospitals & Clinics

The waiting room in hospital design is one of the first places which patients see and have to wait for a period until they meet the doctor. The waiting room does leave a lasting impression about the clinic and the doctor. A traditional waiting room has rows of chairs with old magazines and a muted…
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green cobalta large-commercial-space-design

How to Design Large Commercial Spaces

Construction and designing of large commercial spaces is a demanding job. You need to have a broader outlook on the final finish and look at many aspects of design from the very beginning.

green cobalta retail entrance design

Retail Entrance Design to Increase Customer Footfalls

Ideally a customer spends 3 -7 seconds at the Retail Entrance while deciding whether to enter the shop or not. Depending upon the layout of the store, the store can be designed as Straight front, Angled front and Arcade front. Straight front may block the view of the store. It is parallel to the road…
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