Breakout Areas In Modern Office Interior Design Increase Productivity

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An organization’s strength is its workforce. The productivity of the firm is totally dependent on the productivity of the employees. Creating a conducive and affable ambiance for the employees, motivating them continuously and fostering team building are some of the factors that can augment employee’s productivity. Modern Office Interior Design demonstrates you can achieve these by constructing breakout areas in your office.

What is break out area?

A breakout area refers to the area in a workplace that is not a part of the working area. It is a separate informal space where employees can relax, enjoy and take a break from the office chores. The employees can rest, eat their lunch, have coffee, tea or snacks, and even hold informal meetings with the fellow employees in these areas. This concept is in line with the health and safety laws which state that it is essential to give regular breaks to the employees from the computer’s screen. In this way, break out areas add life to every office.

Most of the small and medium companies would consider this space as an unnecessary lavish component. However, they should ponder over its benefits in the company’s performance. It can serve as a space that lifts the performance of your employees.

How break out areas foster team building and enhance productivity?

1.      Increased productivity

The mind needs frequent breaks to get refreshed. Furthermore, breaks can alleviate the work pressures of the employees and make them feel happy. Thus, the breaks can enhance the productivity of the workers. Well-constructed breakout areas with well-thought Modern Office Interior Design creates a space for the employees where they can invigorate their minds.

2.      Enhanced collaboration

The breakout areas have a conducive ambiance and facilitate the casual flow of ideas. The employees or rather teams can come together in these areas, brainstorm and put forth their thoughts. Thus, break out areas foster team building and create a space where inventive thoughts are encouraged.

3.      Space for creative thinking

Creativity is the key that takes the companies forward in this competitive era. However, the employees cannot properly exercise their brain amidst pressure and serious workspace. The task related to problem-solving and creative thinking requires a serene and affable ambiance. Breakout areas in Modern Office Interior Design serve as spaces where your team members can exercise their minds and think out ideas that can bring laurels to the company.

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How to create an efficient break out area

It isn’t necessary to create a lavish break out area or to dedicate enormous space to the break out areas. A separate small room is sufficient to serve as a breakout area. In the case of small and medium companies, you can create partitions or use screening system to create break out area in an open plan office. You can then adorn the space with comfy chair and tables, and some inspiring sceneries, pictures, and posters with quotes. It serves as an area where casual meetings are held so you should create in places where noise won’t create a problem in the overall workspace.

You can create additional areas like pantry or tea-point where the visitors or the employees can make their tea-coffee and then enjoy it comfortably in the break out areas. In this way, they won’t have to leave the office building frequently for a coffee or tea run. This uplifts the morale of the employees as they are getting a host of facilities and a stress-free environment in the office itself.

How to dazzle the break out areas with furniture?

The main purpose of breakout areas is to serve as space where employees can take a break from the computer’s screen. It’s a space where they can alleviate their work stresses. The employees can even hang-out or hold informal meetings with other employees and build a bond with them.  Thus, the furniture of the place should gel with the area and provide comfort to the employees.

To decorate the space, use different types of seating and mix & match sofas with chairs and tables. You can use multipurpose chairs and place them around a central table to create a space where employees can enjoy tea, snacks, and lunch, and where informal meetings can be held. In Modern Office Interior Design you can even place soft sofas with comfy cushions so that the employees can comfortably sit on them and take the much-needed break from the monotony of office errands.

Some Examples for design inspirations:

Collaborative cubicles

Typeform, a Barcelona startup is embellished with more than 700 plants and consist of a bar and other details that add to the liveliness of the employees. Its breakout area consists of stand-up tables that are partitioned by humongous whiteboards on the sides.  Each cubicle is loaded with tech that foster brainstorming and converting the ideas to the digital realm.

Multi-level module

The giant Airbnb’s Modern Office Interior Design consists of a library, a market square and different kinds of work areas. It has an agile workplace where the workers can choose the work areas depending upon their mood, type of task and time of the day.  It has a breakout area termed as Village Green where the employees can lounge, sit and enjoy themselves.

Family rooms

The headquarters of Ancestry in Utah is built on a sprawling area. It is adorned with cozy furniture like rocking chair, leather sofa, floor lamps and an enthralling interior design. Its breakout area has an ambiance similar to the family rooms to encourage the workers to hold casual interactions and relax.


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