Boutique Design and Layout to Increase Footfalls

Boutiques are different from the retail shops. Boutiques are usually smaller than retail shops and are privately owned business creations by the designers. Boutiques offer clothes, purses, sandals, shoes, and custom made jewelry.  They involve in distinct designs of clothes and apparels and you will not be able to find the same piece in another boutique. When you are planning to start a boutique analyze the boutiques in the surrounding areas, their offerings, design, and layout. The small size of the boutique helps you have a better interaction between the customer and the collection.  Each and every article inside the store should give the feel of the theme. Each boutique will be unique in its creations and can have a definite set of customers; here we provide you the tips which can attract more people

Theme: This will be your major attraction and information to the customer about the clothes and apparel your boutique is offering. If you offering wedding themes, then heavy bridals dresses and designs giving the traditional look will be a good option. In case you are offering swimwear, you can have a beach theme and use vibrant eye-catching colors which convey the message immediately to the passers-by. Try to change the theme as frequently as possible. This gives the customer information about the availability of the new stock and creates interest in the new collection.

Storefront: It gives the first impression of the store. Try to display the best collections and showcase the distinct style the store offers. Make sure there is adequate lighting and the color of light goes with the items on display. Use eye-catching colors. 

Brand Establishment: The brand should be distinctly designed and should get reflected at the storefront and also when the customer enters the design. The brand logo should be consciously placed in the boutique to give a constant reminder about the brand.

Layout: Once the customer is inside the store, the layout should be spacious and should give distinct information about its contents. The clothes should be displayed conspicuously so customers do not have to wander around the racks with guesswork about the items in the section. Having small round racks covers small space and allow display of more items. You can accommodate more number of such small racks in small space. Create distinct signs for different kind of products using mannequins, attractive photos or other displays. There should be an effective grouping of the products as per the category. The star products should be kept at the eye-catching level while others can be placed at lower or higher levels.

Power wall: Unconsciously people look on the right side of the wall after entering the store. The store should be designed with adequate display space and cupboards on the right side

Decompression zone: Depending upon the boutique, the best items are displayed in this area and the customers determine the quality of the products boutique offers.

Light and Flooring: The lighting should be soft to the eye and there should be adequate lighting. Highlight the signs and the display with illumination underneath. Use good quality carpet or wood floor or attractive tiles. 

Check out Space: This is the most ignored section, there should be adequate space provided at the billing counter to avoid scuffle while billing. It should allow a couple of customers to stand gracefully at the counter.

Billing Counter: Traditional billing counters are a strict no! Try to have a designer checkout counter not necessarily at the entrance. The billing desk should be placed such that it does not give a typical stare on the customer. Try to play with the design, color and the theme of the boutique on the billing counter also.

There should be adequate space in the aisle and the display which avoids backside being brushed by one another. Customers especially women do not like it. The walkway should have some speed bumps which can have some discounted products or new collection. The speed bumps should be changed as frequently as possible to indicate the addition of the new collection.

If the space permits try to have a seating arrangement for the companions of the customers such as elderly people and the children. You can add stylish seats or benches which allows the customer to shop comfortably. Make sure that the seating arrangement is facing the merchandise and is a constant reminder that someone is waiting for you.

Increase footfalls in your boutique with amazing interior design that provides returns on investment!


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