green cobalta workplace seating arrangement

4 Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement

Changing workplace seating arrangement every few months increases productivity of the people involved in the same job. Although some people may not like the idea of shifting places frequently, it will still be welcomed by many others. This is a low cost investment which increases productivity by multiple folds. It has been proven that changing…
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green cobalta hot desk

Hot Desking – Will it Work for You? Pros & Cons

What is hot desking? It is a seating arrangement in offices where there is no fixed place for the employee. It is a kind of space sharing model. It is particularly useful when there are more number of employees than work stations. The employees will be given virtual desktops with which they can login from…
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greencobalta-open office

Open Office Layout Ideas for Renovation & Relocation

Open office layout ideas have been popular for quite some time in modern office interior design. Office space planning and designs have undergone rapid changes in the recent past. The traditional office setup is no more preferred by many companies. Businesses love open office layout ideas more than cubicles or fixed office setups. All employers…
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breakout areas green cobalta

Breakout Areas In Modern Office Interior Design Increase Productivity

An organization’s strength is its workforce. The productivity of the firm is totally dependent on the productivity of the employees. Creating a conducive and affable ambiance for the employees, motivating them continuously and fostering team building are some of the factors that can augment employee’s productivity. Modern Office Interior Design demonstrates you can achieve these…
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eco froendly interior 1 green cobalta

Eco Friendly Commercial Interior Design Helps Retain Customers

Eco friendly interior designing is the art of designing interiors so that people within the space feel calm and relaxed. Commercial interior designing, the art of conceptualizing a space for business plays a vital role in the success of the business. This includes hotels and lounges, restaurants and retail spaces, offices, banks, theaters, hospitals and examination…
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Green Cobalta Smell Profit Commercial Interior Design

Wake up & Smell the Profit in Commercial Interior Design

There is one thing about evolution that I love, and that is its progressive nature. Development tends to take you to better places. This is what is happening in the commercial interior design sector. Everyone is striving to come up with ways to enhance the sales and profitability of commercial interior design. Many property owners…
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green cobalta Acoustic design

How Office Design Can Increase Employee Productivity & Morale

Good office design & productivity go hand in hand. Employees working in well spaced offices will be more productive than in congested ones. Good office design including lighting, furniture, architecture, etc plays an important role in productivity, morale & overall culture of a brand. Research shows that an office design & acoustic affects employees’ health…
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green cobalta md cabin design

Ideas for CEO’s Office Cabin Design

When doing a CEO’s office cabin design or md cabin design keep in mind that this is the highest office in any firm. It is also vital to remember that the CEO’s office space is his/her business card. Therefore an excellent office interior design is very important. With the developed new ways of working, great changes…
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psychological effect of colour Green Cobalta

Psychological Effects of Colour & Paint in Office Interior Design

Color psychology is that scientific field of study, which focuses on the influence of colors on human behavior and their contribution towards the physiological well-being of humans. A lot of us do not know that colors have a lot of influence on our daily lives and on our life choices. In the field of art,…
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Benefits and scope of ROIIDS – Return On Investment Interior Design Strategy

These days, any kind of business needs a strong marketing strategy to flourish in the long run by getting the recognition they deserve. Interior design is also an important part of any business setup. The overall presentation of your business plays a key role in its success. It is important to have a unique interior…
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