4 Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement

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Changing workplace seating arrangement every few months increases productivity of the people involved in the same job. Although some people may not like the idea of shifting places frequently, it will still be welcomed by many others. This is a low cost investment which increases productivity by multiple folds. It has been proven that changing workplace seating arrangements has increased productivity and collaboration between teams. What teams will sit together and within the team who will sit beside whom can be decided to make the environment friendly and jovial.

Recent Trends in Workplace Seating Arrangement

Open office plans are the ‘in thing’ today. These days managers are not given closed cabins and all the employees are on the same floor. Hot desking is the most trending option which offers a ‘first come- first serve’ based seating. The employees can come early and select the place of choice

Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement

1. Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement on Collaboration and Interaction

Workplace Seating Arrangement experiments are usually risky and small companies usually attempt it. Companies that attempt Workplace Seating Arrangement experiments are usually successful in improving productivity and collaboration between employees. Micromanaging of the employees – deciding who will sit with who helps in getting the best out of the team, engaging in collaboration and increasing the output.

You cannot expect all the employees to get promoted and get a change in Workplace Seating Arrangement, but you always have the option of changing Workplace Seating Arrangement of all employees and this change can do miracles. Recent studies from retail, pharmaceutical and finance industries have shown that employees engage with colleagues who sit in the same area either by directly interacting or via chats and emails. The chances of interacting with distant neighbors are less.

Workplace Seating Arrangement experiments with accountants and the advertising agents resulted in better transfer of information between the teams. There was decreased requirement of manpower in accounts department and increased work efficiency. This happened in MODCo Media, a New York advertising agency. Although the accountants where at loss but company as a whole had gained.

2. Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement on Energy Levels

Office interior design has a large impact on the energy levels of employees. Low dull lights, boring colors and unattractive interiors decrease productivity. According to experts, changes in office interior design and Workplace Seating Arrangement plays a major role in defining work psychology.

3. Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement on Productivity and Innovation

Office seating plan and workplace seating arrangement can be made innovative by mixing people from different teams. The team seating together can be productive but mixing teams increases the creativity and innovation. A study by Christian Catalini, an assistant professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology showed that when workplace seating arrangement of scientists was shuffled they invented breakthroughs.

Workplace Seating Arrangement experiments can also help develop new products. Many times the employees can understand the strengths and weakness of the existing products by overhearing the conversation between other teams. Regular changes in workplace seating arrangement also help in training of new employees.

4. Benefits of Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement on the Emotional State of Employees:

The emotional state of employees influences the work environment in any office. There are three types of employee groups. One is the group of Calm and relaxed employees or cheerful employees. This group performs better and passes-on this emotional state to the co-workers. The other group is the stressed out and frustrated employees. Their mental state can be a result of short deadlines or complexity of projects or personal issues. They can create a negative environment. The last group is made up of sluggish employees who do not interact much and believe in keeping to themselves. They do not have any impact on the energy levels of colleagues.

Kayak.com, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Paul English works on checking the Workplace Seating Arrangement of the employees, like who will sit beside whom. If the employees are forced to sit beside incompatible employees there will be decreased energy levels. The emotional state of the employees is quite contagious. People who are hyperactive find it difficult to adjust in the quite work environment and soon pass their energy levels to co-workers and the whole office can buzz with activity and interaction.  HubSpot Inc., a marketing-software company based in Cambridge, used to switch the employee seats randomly providing the same work station for all the management levels but later they came with idea of loud and quite groups!

Changing Workplace Seating Arrangement frequently may not always have a positive impact on employees as there may a loss of privacy and ownership of space.

The Open office layout plan has usually been a success as it abolishes hierarchy and increases collaboration within and between teams. Different teams can discuss the pros and cons to increase productivity of the organization.


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