Benefits and scope of ROIIDS – Return On Investment Interior Design Strategy


These days, any kind of business needs a strong marketing strategy to flourish in the long run by getting the recognition they deserve. Interior design is also an important part of any business setup. The overall presentation of your business plays a key role in its success. It is important to have a unique interior design that understands and utilizes the psychology behind your business to fall in sync with an effective management strategy, thus yielding better return on investment. This is exactly what ROIIDS or ‘Return On Investment Interior Design Strategy’ aims to do and is what Green & Cobalta, Interior Design Consultant will help you achieve.

ROIIDS has maximum use for the following:

  • Corporate organizations that are medium to large sized: These organizations employ a lot of people and also require high sales figures to match the ever increasing market competition. Thus, ROIIDS helps increase productivity by strategic design plans.
  • Retail industry: This is one industry that demands a lot of strategic designing to make sure that the customers are lured to purchase more than they even intend to.
  • Healthcare sector: Healthcare industry needs ROIIDS to increase sales and assure safety to customers.
  • Educational institutes: These places need to be designed with extra care to draw students, parents and teachers alike. ROIIDS implementation will ensure that the admission graph soars to reach new heights.
  • Branded environments: Brand loyalty should be maintained in customers at all times and hence, Interior Design and ROIIDS play a major role in branded environments.

GC also provides maintenance services even after the project is completed by them to assist your maintenance team in adapting and keeping up with the things that have been implemented. ROIIDS is one step above the regular Interior Designs wherein research and psychological studies of the business background is involved to make sure that your business benefits out of the interior design that GC plans for you. Green & Cobalta, Interior Design Consultant puts in a lot to help you achieve your goals through interior designing by ROIIDS implementation.

Whatever be your business strategy, ROIIDS can be designed to work in sync with your goals by following ways:

  • Help follow your growth plans & evaluate all the growth parameters accordingly.
  • Assist your HR in gaining leverage from Interior Design to people motivation & retention programs
  • Design to help improve your business productivity and lower fatigue
  • Increase/Decrease off-table time & make faster co-ordination possible.

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